The Whirlwind 2017 


The Year of The Whirlwind


We here at Whirlwind Music Group are excited to announce the signing of Ckai Dawson. Ckai's first single on Whirlwind Music Group

Love Shouldn't Hurt is scheduled to be released on 12/17/16 and will be available on and soon after on all the major

distribution outlets. We are also pleased to announce our partnership with Pushan Music Branch, headquartered in Nashville. PMB will

be handling artist and music promotions as well as assisting in organizing and promoted…

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The Music Biz - Part III 

The Whirlwind

"Taking The World by Storm"


The Music Industry is made up of two parts, the Production of music and the business of bringing that music to market.

In this post we will be discussing the production of music. Again with all of the digital software advancements it is now

possible to create industry standard music at very low production cost. Their are several great programs on the market

that have been created to assist producers and artists who do not have major label production budgets to…

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The Music Biz - Part II 


The internet caused many unintended consequences for business in general, but in particularly for the music industry.

Prior to the late 1990's large multi-faceted record labels had no need to compete with small independent labels. These small labels

did not have the resources to produce and distribute cd's nationally and most certainly not internationally. Whenever a small

independent label had an artist with national breakout potential either that artist's contract was acquired by a large record label or

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The Music Biz 


The changes in the music industry are happening so fast, they have leveled the field so that independent artists no longer need.

large Record labels to promote and distribute their music. Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the earth and cast a shadow over

the entire environment. Smaller animals took cover underground mostly out of fear of being eaten by these huge eating machines,

who's appitites never seemed to be satisfied. So it was also in the music industry, large record companies ruled the…

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H. M. Lofton, Chairman & CEO of Whirlwind Music Group is announcing the launch date of (WMG)
a brand new internet record label located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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