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We here at Whirlwind Music Group are excited to announce the signing of Ckai Dawson. Ckai first single on Whirlwind Music Group

Love Shouldn't Hurt is scheduled to be released on 12/17/16 and will be available on and soon after on all the major

distribution outlets. We are also please to announce our partnership with Pushan Music Branch, headquartered in Nashville. PMB will

be handling artist and music promotions as well as assisting in organizing and promoted our upcoming 2017 National Tour. We are

creating a new website which will be dedicated to provided information on our upcoming tour. We are currently

in studio working on new releases for the new year and have created our own Youtube channel that will launch early next year. Stay

tuned in to the whirlwind for more exciting announcement and releases over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas and you have a blessed and prosperous new year.


The Music Biz - Part III


The Whirlwind

"Taking The World by Storm"


The Music Industry is made up of two parts, the Production of music and the business of bringing that music to market.

In this post we will be discussing the production of music. Again with all of the digital software advancements it is now

possible to create industry standard music at very low production cost. Their are several great programs on the market

that have been created to assist producer and artist who do not have major label production budgets still produce great

music. Truth be told, those large production budgets given to artists signed to major record labels have to be paid back from

any future royalties owed to the artists from record sales. These huge recording budgets have very little to do with the production

of music but is exactly a padded loan to the artist for living expenses while in studio. We have all seen the studio parties

on empire and in the movies, well guess who foots the bill for all that THE ARTIST!!! This is just one of the many expenses

that are attributed to the production of music. When you strip away all these padded music production expenses the actual

cost of producing great music is very reasonable. The first step to creating industry standard music is for an independent artist or

producer to have a CREATIVE PROCESS!!!


Note: There will be several exciting announcements coming in the next several weeks concerning new artist signing and music, music company partnerships and our plans for the coming year. Please continue to visit and we thank you for your support.

Come back for next month's post: The Music: Part I The Creative Process Posting November 19. 2016


The Music Biz - Part II








The Music Biz


 The Whirlwind

"Taking The World By Strom"


The Music Biz-Posting of August 19,2016