Music Promotion


Whirlwind Music Group is a new independent record label and music promotion company located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Whirlwind is the independent label that will be an outlet for Artist who for whatever reason have been denied access to simply having an opportunity to have their music heard.

Artist Promotion

Whirlwind has put out an open call to Artists in all genres who would like their music to be considered for selection to the site. if selected an Artist page would then be created for the artist where their music may be presented and purchased by the Whirlwind Universe.

Music Management 

Artist music will be available for purchased from a variety of online distribution outlets. WMG has a unique business approach in that it only releases artist singles and not entire albums. So as a customer of an Whirlwind artist you only purchase those songs that appeal to you. This makes it possible for you to purchase music from different artists in the same genre or in many different genres, thus allowing you to create a Whirlwind playlist specific to your individual taste. As new songs will eventually be added everyday by different artist the Whirlwind universe will continue to grow and expand.